Sunday, April 28, 2013

Cleveland Marathon - Training Update

Hey everyone!  How are things going?  Good I hope.  I just thought I'd check in and give y'all an update on how my training for the Cleveland Marathon was going.

For the past 6 weeks training has been going great, with a tempo run, speed workout and long run almost every week.  I have been routinely hitting 100-110 miles per week and have been steadily progressing and becoming faster and stronger through-out my preparations. :)

With only 3 weeks now until Cleveland, it was time complete my 15 mile marathon simulation run; to practice my pre-race routine and fueling strategy as well as get some serious work in at marathon race pace.  I ran my simulation yesterday, Saturday, and can happily say it was a big success!  I hit 6:07 per mile average pace with the first mile being my slowest as planned (6:25) and my last mile my fastest (5:59).  I felt very strong during the simulation, especially the last 6 miles of it.  I am super happy with how it went considering the neighborhoods I ran through on my 3 mile loop (I did it 5 times for the 15 miles) were having their community garage sales at the time - talk about bad timing. :-p

Anyways, only 3 weeks left til my marathon debut and I couldn't be more excited!  Thanks to everyone for their support and encouragement!