Thursday, September 18, 2014

FloTrack Trailer

I have been working with over the last month on telling my running story - the premium piece is scheduled to be out on Sept 24th - here is a trailer to it that they put out yesterday.

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Rock n' Roll VA Beach - Video Diary

Earlier this week I put out the following statement on FaceBook:

"This past Sunday I dropped out of the Rock n' Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon at the 7 mile point. I regret that decision. It ended up being a hot and very humid race, I had not adjusted my goal paces for those conditions, and when I realized several miles into it I was not going to reach the goal I had set for myself, I got flustered, and began to magnify in my mind every ache and tight muscle and eventually stopped more from personal disappointment of not being in a situation to run a fast time than any real physical issue. I am not injured and will race the Virginia 10 miler road race later in September and the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon on Nov. 1st. My training has been going great and I know I am getting stronger and faster each week and I am excited to race these races. To help me in races in the future, I am working on a new multiple goal system for my races to keep me focused for any times when my main goal is not possible that day. I realize now that a sub-par race time is always better than dropping out, for me, the race and my fans and supporters. While being somewhat of a perfectionist has helped me in my training, I realize that I need to put a leash on it in races and do the best I can on that day no matter what, as the race and my fans and supporters deserve that. I thank everyone for all of their support and patience with me, I am young and still learning my way in elite competition, but I am more determined than ever to make it and am looking forward to a great future in the sport I love."

I also have started a video diary on so that I can share my story, struggles and successes with others in the hopes that it can help others on their journey.  The first entry is here 

Watch more videos on Flotrack

More videos from coming soon including a bio-piece: