Saturday, October 11, 2014

Weekly Recap - Oct 11

New video diary out on Flotrack of a hill workout I did recently:

Here are Video Diary #3 on a a hill workout I do regularly:

Watch more videos on Flotrack

and Video Diary #4 on my weekly drill circuit I do:

Watch more videos on Flotrack

Today marks 3 weeks until the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, here is what I did this past week in training:

Stress Workout #1:  8 x 1 mile @ 5:35 w .25 mile jog recovery (2 mile warm-up & 2 mile cool-down)

Stress Workout #2:  24 mile long run @ 6:40 per mile on rolling course - building up my endurance. :)

Total Runs:  13
Total Mileage:  113 miles