Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Just Love Summer

 Maddy and me

Hey everyone!  I hope you are having an awesome summer like I am.  I have been having a great time but it’s already July, man time fly’s when you are having fun.
This summer I started a new training cycle and now running 11 times a week for a total of 78-80 miles per week.  The humidity is bad, but that is pretty typical for this time of year in the south.  So we are adjusting my training paces for the weather conditions and I continue my training as normal.  Everything is going really well so far, and I’m already on my 5th week of this new cycle.  I’m incredibly happy with how well everything has been going considering the weather.  Definitely my best summer of training ever.  Next week, I am going out to McAlpine Park to run a 5k time trial on cross country course to see where my fitness level is at so far in this new training cycle.  I am really looking forward to that.  It’ll be just me, the trail, and if I am the first person on the course: spiderwebs!  Ha Ha!  It’s okay though, I’ll be moving so fast I won’t even feel it.   Definitely a great summer of running so far!  Go running!
On a different topic, I have also been doing some volunteering this summer.  I have been volunteering at the Speech Garden, which is a speech therapy camp.  My little sister, Rose, is going to the camp, so I decided to go and volunteer and help out.  I am so glad I did that too.  I just have the best time watching and helping the kids.  So far I have been helping out in the younger kids classes.  The kids are just adorable and I always look forward to days when I volunteer.  I have been volunteering 2 days per week and on the other days I miss playing with and seeing all my little friends.  With Rose being 6 and getting ready to turn 7 later this summer, I miss getting to play with younger kids.   I forgot how tiny and cute they are.  I’ll be helping out for another 2 more weeks and know I’ll miss the guys when I’m done volunteering there.
The last week in July and the first week in August are coming up fast.  I am pretty excited about it but can’t say the same for my parents.  During those 2 weeks I’ll be taking Driver Ed.  That right everyone, I’m gonna learn how to drive!  How is that for exciting?!   This going to high school thing just keeps getting better and better. J
Another fun thing I did this summer was meet a talented young runner name Maddy from Austin, TX.  Maddy is running the Jr. Olympics this summer in TX and is doing great.  She has a big meet coming is in New Orleans in a few weeks, that I know she will do great in.  Maddy and her parents were in Charlotte this past week and met with my dad and I to talk about kids and running (my favorite subjects).  We had a great talk with them and enjoyed meeting them.  Maddy and I got to take a walk around and chat while our parents talked, she is just the sweetest girl, I had a great time meeting her.  Good luck in New Orleans Maddy!
Well, I definitely having a great summer this year and hope you are as well.  Now on to high school and that means school supply shopping!  Yay for shopping!!!


  1. I love reading your blogs and keeping up with all of your race performances! Good luck on the 5K time trial this weekend! Don't drive much faster than you run or you might break the speed limit! ;-)

  2. Alana, enjoyed the blog, enjoy you. Wow, drivers ed! Take advantage of driving w/ others when you get your learners permit (does it still work that way) The time I spent driving my my Brothers, Mom and my Dad was the best experience. I still remember my Dad going w/ me on my 16th birthday to get my official drivers license. A great memory, a great Dad!
    Dianne Allen

    Dianne Allen