Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28th Update

Hey guys! Hope everyone has had a great week.  Recently I announced that I will be racing the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon on November 1st for my fall marathon.  Between now and then I will be keeping you updated on how my training and workouts are going.  Now that all my workouts are back to their full length I plan on updating every 2 weeks :)

July 14th- 20th

Wednesday: 2 mile warm up, 8 x mile w .25 jog recovery, 2 mile cool down- super happy to be able to do all 8 mile repeats and having no problem with my hip or hamstring! Ended up doing my mile repeats on the road, which just increased the strength building

Saturday: 24 mile moderate paced long run out at McAlpine Greenway- was a little rainy for this run but that just helped to keep the temperature at bay, felt really good and was able to cruise through my 24 miles

8 x mile repeats

24 mile long run

Number of runs: 13
Number of workouts: 2
Mileage for the week: 113

July 21st- 27th

Monday: 2 mile warm up, 16 x 600m w/ 1:30 jog, 2 mile cool down- definitely a tough workout mentally and physically, it was extremely humid making it harder to breathe and I had severe period cramps, however the workout got done and strength was built :)

Thursday: 2 mile warm up, 6 mile tempo, 3 mile cool down- another hot and humid day but that’s normal now for Charlotte in the summer.  Ended up completely drenched but had a great workout!

Sunday: 20 mile tempo long run=> 5 mile warm up, 10 mile tempo, 5 mile cool down- didn’t feel the greatest during my workout but still was able to stay strong and negative split my tempo section with the last 2 miles each sub 6:00. Had a good workout even if I wasn’t feeling the best, this just proves how strong my training has made me mentally and physically!

16 x 600m

6 mile tempo

20 mile long run w/ 10 mile tempo

Number of runs: 13
Number of workouts: 3
Mileage for the week: 113

Now for an update on my race schedule between now and Indianapolis! I plan to run the Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach half marathon on August 31st and the Virginia Ten Miler on September 27th.  I am signed up for the Virginia Ten Miler however the Virginia Beach half marathon is still tentative at this point until we here back from the race. 

I hope everyone has a great week!!


  1. You are an excellent spokeswoman for the Monumental Alana - and for it's mission to combat childhood obesity and promote a healthy lifestyle. It's very hard to get in shape once you're out of shape - I know you'll inspire more than a few young people here in Indy!

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