Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Jan 22 - Update!

Great news! I have currently been running everyday this past week and half! My foot is back to normal and I have been doing easy runs this past week and plan on focusing on getting back into shape over the next few weeks.  I should be able to get into doing workouts again in 2-3 weeks, then training will be back on track!

This past weekend my dad and I sat down and came up with my training schedule for getting back into shape and for this new cycle.  It is color coded and everything, as I enjoy my training schedule to be very organized!  I loved working with my dad and helping to create my workout schedule for the next training cycle.  I have it placed on my bulletin board in my room to check off every day and keep track of my progress. (^^picture^^) :)
I will keep you posted once I come up with a definite race schedule for the upcoming months, however at this point I want to see how training goes and how fast I regain the fitness that was lost in the weeks I had to take off.

Thanks so much for the well wishes and for being supportive as I go through this period of time. I’ll keep you updated on how training goes, love you all! - Alana :)

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  1. You might be surprised just how fast you come back.
    You built a strong base (of mileage) in the past.....before the injury.
    Your body has a memory system inbuilt....that will recognize (and accept) the mileage you'll be doing. should be up to full mileage almost immediately.
    As for speed, that too will be back......but that takes confidence to try it more than being in shape for it.
    I speak from a bit of experience.
    I had a fracture of 5th metatarsal on left foot.
    Doc said I'd be out 6 weeks.
    After 27 days, started running again, and a few days later ran two races (2 mile and 5 mile).
    Good luck!!!