Sunday, March 30, 2014

March 30th Update

Another update!!  Another update and a countdown on my two races coming up!!  There are only 13 days ‘til my rust buster half marathon here in Charlotte and only 12 weeks ‘til Grandma’s Marathon!  Training has been going really well these past 2 weeks and I feel stronger after every workout.  It’s time to take training to full blast and get ready for Grandma’s, so I’ll be able to unleash the beast in Duluth. ;)

2 week overview of workouts:
March 19th  - 6 x mile repeats on the track- May have added another repeat but still knocked some time off on this workout.
March 22nd  - 20 mile easy paced long run at McAlpine Greenway- Stretching my long runs out every time as I’m getting ready for a marathon now, feels good to run on the trail for these long runs.
March 24th - 12 x 350m hill @ 4% steepness grade- Decided to switch it up a bit this week and did hills instead of 600m repeats this time.  Now these hills will tough and will put some stride power and strength in your legs.
March 27th  - 5 mile tempo on the road- Knocked more time per mile off on this tempo run, was so happy to have warmer weather for this workout ( above picture ^)
March 30th  - 18 mile tempo long run on the road: 4 warm up, 10 tempo, 4 cool down- Felt so strong today on this tempo and was able to get into a nice rhythm during it.  Was a little windy this morning but I had no problem pushing through. (bottom picture)

P.S. Happy Birthday to the best dad ever J

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