Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5th Update

Hey I know I haven’t updated in a while and I realized I completely missed the month of April, which I apologize for.  I have been busy during the weekends lately and never got around to writing a new blog.  But I’m doing it now!!

First off on April 12th I ran the Charlotte RaceFest Half Marathon.  I ended up winning the race and walking off with $300 which I put straight in the bank. J I ran the first 3 miles with a friend who was running the 10k that started with the half.  After the 10k people turned off I realized I was pretty much by myself and ended up using the race as long tempo run workout.  I got in a good strength builder with that half as it’s hard to find a race not hilly in Charlotte. :p

The next weekend was Easter weekend which I spent with my family and we all had a nice get together that Sunday.  Had a very wet run that Saturday however as it didn't stop raining the whole 23 miles but it was still a good long run. Easter Pics:


The next weekend was PROM WEEKEND!!!! That Saturday was prom for my high school and I was incredibly excited to be going with a group of 4 of my friends.  We met up beforehand for pictures and had fun eating dinner at P.F. Chang’s with more pictures afterwards.  It was a late night with prom ending at 12 and then getting up for a long run the next day at 7 but I still had a good workout, but let’s just say I took a very refreshing 4 hour nap later that Sunday lol.  Prom was a blast and I had the best time hanging out and dancing with my friends!  Prom Pics:


This past week was busy as well.  I am proud to say that on Tuesday I was inducted into the National Honor Society and on Wednesday I was inducted into the National Technical Honor Society.  Next on Saturday I went and took the SAT first thing in the morning. Then came back with a nice 24 mile long run that afternoon, luckily the temperature wasn't as bad as it had been the past week and I ran on the trail to stay in the shade.  But let’s just say all my tan lines got much more defined after that run. ;)

Hope you had a great month on April and will have an awesome month of May! 

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