Sunday, May 11, 2014

May 11th Update

Hey!! Hope y'all had a great past week.  Can't believe the school year is almost over and summer is closing in on us fast.  Unfortunately this also means teachers are in full blast preparing us for finals in less than a month so I've been busy with homework lately.  Luckily I had a break from all the work this weekend. :)

This week I decided that I wanted to share with you what one of my training weeks looks like as I work toward making my dream of being an Olympic Marathoner a reality. 

I am currently working hard to improve my marathon times so that I can be more competitive in higher level marathons, attract the attention of sponsors, develop my career as a professional marathoner, and have the amazing honor of representing the USA in major championships and races around the world. 

I follow a 14 day (2 week) micro-cycle training schedule which includes 5 stress workouts.  This is what I did this past week, 6 weeks out from my goal marathon (Grandma’s Marathon on June 21st) and week #1 of my 2 week micro-cycle, it included 3 main stress workouts (Mon/Thu/Sun). 

May 5th – May 11th
Mon:      AM – 5 mile easy run
               PM – 2 mile warm-up, 16 x 600 @ 12% faster than MP w 200 jog recovery, 2 mile cool-down
               Ancillary – Core Circuit
Tue:       AM – 5 mile easy run
               PM – 10 mile easy run
               Ancillary – Drill Circuit
Wed:     AM – 5 mile easy run
               PM – 10 mile easy run
               Ancillary – Core Circuit
Thu:       AM – 5 mile easy run
               PM – 2 mile warm-up, 6 miles Tempo Run @ 4% faster than MP, 2 mile cool-down
               Ancillary – Core Circuit
Fri:         AM – 5 mile easy run
               PM – 10 mile easy run
               Ancillary – Drill Circuit
Sat:        AM – 10 mile easy run
               PM – 5 mile easy run
               Ancillary – Core Circuit
Sun:       AM – 20 miles: first 5 miles easy, middle 10 miles Tempo @ MP, last 5 miles easy
               PM – Nap!!!! about 3 hours ;)

Total:    112 miles in 13 runs
*MP = marathon pace

Acceleration sprints during my drill circuit

Monday Workout: 600s

Thursday Workout: 6 mile tempo

Sunday Workout: 10 mile tempo / Long Run

Note #1: With temperatures getting into the 80s this week my coach modified my paces on my Monday and Thursday workouts to take the heat into consideration.  This is an important thing for everyone to do as we are getting closer to summer, as you need to allow your body time to adjust to the heat increase.

Note #2: In the past 4 weeks since my half marathon in April I have logged in 440 miles. This averages to 110 miles each week, 13 runs each of those weeks.  While I am only 17, I have worked up to be able to run this kind of mileage and handle this type of schedule over the last 10 years I have been running.

I am extremely motivated in my running to make my dreams of being a successful Professional Marathoner and Olympian a reality.  I really appreciate all the support you give me and the interest you have taken in my quest there.  Let’s get training! 6 weeks until Grandma's Marathon :)

P.S. Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing moms out there.  Don't forget to hug your mom today if you can :)


  1. WOW!!! What a week!!! That is amazing and you are doing a great job! I really enjoy following you and I think what you and your dad are doing is great! I do not even know you (I met you once at the Indy expo) ...but I know through your posts and social media that you are a great kid with incredible motivation!!!!!!!!! I am just you follow any specific diet or do anything specific to meet the demands of all of your training...I am also curious whether or not you listen to music ever when you run? Keep up all the hard work!!!!!

  2. Thanks for the update - I'm pulling for your success from Raleigh! :)

  3. I am impressed with what you're doing here.. 112 miles / a week !!!
    I hope your dream comes true.
    Bravo !!