Sunday, May 18, 2014

May 18th Update

Hey!  I can’t believe another week has flown by!  The end of the school year and Grandma’s Marathon are creeping closer and closer every day. 

I am currently 5 weeks away from my marathon in June and am getting more and more excited as it gets closer to race day.  I finished week #2 of my 2 week micro- cycle, which included 2 hard workouts. 

May 12th – May 18th

Total mileage: 113 miles
Number of runs: 13
Number of hard workouts: 2

Wednesday: 2 mile warm-up, 8 x mile with 400m jog recovery, 2 mile cool- down - first time I have done 8 mile repeats and it was definitely a hard long workout.  Am building up my strength and hope to do them faster next time 

Saturday: 24 mile moderate pace long run @ McAlpine Greenway - It was nice to be out on the trail for my run and I really enjoyed the cooler starting temperatures.  I felt really good on my run and was able to get into a nice groove and click off the miles :)  

Saturday Workout: 24 mile long run

This week has been pretty good school wise as well.  On Thursday we had our Spring Chorus Concert, and then on Friday my friends and I went to see the play The Diary of Anne Frank, as put on by our school’s theater department.  It was so much fun and I enjoyed spending time with my friends outside of school! :)

Hope you have a great week! I’ll be back next Sunday to keep you updated. 


  1. Awesome job!!! You will do awesome!!!

  2. Garmin should give you a new Forerunner every time you show it on your blog. You deserve it.